In an era where the fashion industry is dominated by mass-produced clothing and accessories that leave most high street stores carrying almost universal looks, standing out from the crowd with that special garment or item that accurately reflects your personality can feel almost impossible. Katie Victoria Textiles provides the saving grace that allows you to express your unique personality and style.

Better still, by embracing craftsmanship and traditional techniques, Katie Victoria Textiles is able to keep the passion for fashion beating strong.

Quality Garments Lovingly Made
Katie Victoria delivers a simply stunning collection of knitwear, hats, scarves, and socks – as well as cushions for the home – that takes inspiration from the latest trends from around the world, with a particular focus on the Moroccan vibe, but is bursting with personality and character. The two standout features of the range are clear; the use of premium quality materials, and the handmade crafting process.

Through the use of 100% Merino lambswool, the beautifully soft wraps like the Ash Grey Fes and Wide Stripe Wrap offer an intensely soft and comfortable touch on the skin. They are designed to provide warmth and style, as well as the fantastic versatility that ensures the designs are suited to summer evenings and winter days alike.

The craftsmanship is what truly sets the Katie Victoria creations apart from other collections that are produced on mass. Every product is lovingly handcrafted at the studio in Swansea on a hand-powered knitting machine before being finished by hand. While the top of the range equipment certainly enables greater accuracy and reliability than in previous generations, the techniques stay true to ideas that served the industry before reaching the current era.

Passion is pumped into every aspect of the design, from picking the right materials to completing the manufacturing process by hand. Meanwhile, finished products are lovingly presented wrapped in tissue and ribbon – a simple touch underlines the special nature of the items.

Selected Distribution To Support The Traditional Manufacturing Process:
Unlike most fashion brands, you won’t find Katie Victoria designs in every shop. In addition to being very selective about the materials and techniques used during manufacturing, the designer prides herself on working with a very small number of stockists. She only works with distributors that appreciate the passion that has gone into the garments and shares the traditional values of providing consumers with products that are sure to raise a smile.

Products can also be purchased directly from the website and delivered straight to your door. Even so, each design is only manufactured in small quantities to enable each wearer to fully embrace the unique and special qualities of the lovingly handcrafted garments and accessories. Thanks to the quality of materials used, the enjoyment can be prolonged for many years to come.

While many manufacturers and designers have lost sight of the passion for fashion, Katie Victoria continues to let the traditions and values shine through in every single creation. For fashion that is bursting with personality, you needn’t look anywhere else.