100% Natural

All of our lambswool and cotton
fibres are 100% natural

100% biodegradable

Wool will naturally decompose over time, slowly releasing valuable nutrients back into the earth

Made well

All products are made using traditional and modern knitting techniques, made and finished with love and care

Recyclable packaging

We use Eco friendly and recyclable packaging
Wool is naturally breathable and reactive to body temperature. Lambswool is also odour resistant, therefore you don’t need to wash your wool garments as often as you would other clothing.


If it is just a freshen up your knits require, then air your garments on the line for a few days and this should be enough to remove any odours.
If your garment is dirty and in need of a wash, we recommend handwashing. Using luke warm water and minimal amount of washing liquid, submerge your knits in and gently move around…leave for to soak for 10 minutes.
Do not rub the knits vigorously, this may cause the wool to shrink or felt.
Dry gently using a flat towel and press your garment into this, you can then hang your knitwear to dry.
Avoid direct sunlight if possible.
Once dry use a warm iron with plenty of steam to skim the fabric and reshape your garment.
Avoid hanging your knitwear when storing, always fold flat to avoid any stretch. Be careful of catching your jewellery or watches when putting on your knits.